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A few short remarks on using the platform:

1. Everyone can register, play games and produce highscores. This is a platform sponsored by the Federal Austrian Ministry of Education. Therefore it is OpenSource and free to use!

2. Only users verified as teachers can publish games - students can however create their own games.

3. After login individual adventure-based games can be created, an adventure-editor is available for game creation after login. A short demo on how to use the editor can be found here.

4. All registered and logged-in users can rate games.

5. Highscore-lists are managed by the gameserver. Teachers can copy an IFrame-Code to use in Moodle-platforms. If you use the moodle-plugin "exabis games" you can integrate into Moodle-courses easily.

6. Regarding game-play: the game is finished once all items have been collected.

7. Individual games can be added. There is an upload-possibility for games based on Flash, otherwise a link can be added to the game that is hosted on a different server.

8. Pictures and Creative-Commons-licensed content can be obtained  here.

9. Information regarding our example-game "Hallo Welt" and didactical background-information can be found here (German).